5 Bathroom Tile Trends and How to Use Them in Your Home

Bathroom tiles are an important part of your home’s decor in addition to being a utilitarian component. They may make your bathroom into a private haven where you can relax after a stressful day. You’re in luck if you live in Sydney and want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Numerous tile suppliers offering a broad variety of alternatives are located in the city. This blog post will discuss five popular bathroom tile patterns and how to use them in your own house.

How to Incorporate the Latest Bathroom Tile Trends in Your Home

It’s important to know how to successfully incorporate the trends into your house before experimenting with them. Sydney offers a wide variety of bathroom tile patterns, but not every one will work in your room. Here are some pointers to assist you in making the best decision:

  • Recognize Your Space: The size and configuration of your bathroom are key factors in selecting the kind of tiles you have to select. Use brighter colors to give the appearance of a greater area in bathrooms that are smaller. You are allowed to experiment with deeper colors and striking patterns in larger bathrooms.
  • Consider the Maintenance: Some tiles may appear beautiful, but they may need a lot of upkeep. For instance, to stop water absorption, real stone tiles require routine sealing. However, because they require little upkeep and are quite tough, ceramic and porcelain tiles are a popular option for bathrooms.
  • Your tiles should complement the decor. The tiles in your bathroom should blend well with your home’s general design. Geometric patterns or minimalist styles could look good in a modern house. You could wish to think about timeless classic designs for a more conventional home.
  • Consult a specialist: Consult a reputable tiles provider in Sydney if you need help making your decision. Based on your particular requirements and tastes, they may offer insightful information.
  • It’s simple to get carried away with the newest trends, but it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Keep in mind that a luxurious bathroom doesn’t always have to be the most expensive. You can design a gorgeous place on a budget with careful planning and wise decisions.

In the next section, we will delve into how to mix and match different tile orientations for a modern look.

How to Mix and Match Different Tile Orientations for a Modern Look

You don’t necessarily have to follow current trends to give your bathroom a new appearance. How you use what is currently at your disposal might be important at times. A distinctive and modern appearance may be created by combining and contrasting various tile orientations. How to do it is as follows:

  • Play with Patterns: Tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and by arranging them in different ways, you may make unique patterns. For a dynamic look, you might, for instance, arrange rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern, or you could arrange square tiles diagonally to give your bathroom a new depth.
  • Combine several shapes: Who says you need to keep to just one? Combining several forms may produce a striking contrast. For instance, you may combine rectangular wall tiles with hexagonal floor tiles. To tie everything together, it’s important to keep a consistent color palette.
  • Horizontal vs. vertical The way your tiles are arranged may have a big effect on how much room appears. Your bathroom may look taller if the tiles are vertical, while it may appear wider if the tiles are horizontal. You might want to think about arranging your tiles horizontally if your bathroom is small.
  • Mix Your Materials: Don’t stick to just one kind of material. Your bathroom may gain depth and character by combining various materials. For instance, you may combine stone tiles with a matte surface with glossy ceramic tiles. Make sure all materials, nevertheless, are water-resistant.
  • Consult a Tiles provider: If you’re confused about combining different types of tiles, speak with a Sydney-based tile provider. They may offer professional guidance and assist you in selecting the ideal bathroom combo.

Now that we’ve covered how to mix and match tiles, let’s move on to the five bathroom tile trends that can transform your space.

Transform Your Bathroom with These 5 Tile Trends

Renovations to the bathroom may be exciting, especially when there are so many tile styles to pick from. Here are five Sydney-wide bathroom tile trends and tips for incorporating them into your home:

  1. Large Format Tiles: Due to its slick, contemporary style, large format tiles are becoming more and more popular. They produce a smooth appearance with fewer grout lines, giving the impression that your bathroom is bigger and more open. Because there are fewer seams, these tiles are also simpler to clean. For a unified appearance, big format tiles can be used on both floors and walls.
  2. Geometric Tiles: Geometric tiles are ideal for giving your bathroom a bit of individuality. Numerous forms, including hexagons, triangles, and diamonds, are available, providing countless design options. Geometric tiles can be used as a feature wall, in the shower, or even on the bathroom floor. To make the tiles the focal point of your bathroom, combine them with straightforward fixtures and fittings.
  3. Tiles from the subway: Subway tiles are a timeless classic. They are adaptable and go with both classic and modern bathroom designs. To give this traditional tile a contemporary touch, you may arrange them in different patterns like herringbone, stack bond, or crosshatch.
  4. Natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, or travertine, may give your bathroom a sense of elegance. Each tile is distinctive, giving your room more personality and depth. When selecting natural stone tiles, bear in mind that they require more upkeep than ceramic or porcelain tiles.
  5. Patterned Tiles: Adding color and individuality to your bathroom with patterned tiles is a terrific idea. They can be included sparingly to serve as accent pieces or heavily to make a strong statement. To reduce visual congestion when utilizing patterned tiles, keep the rest of your bathroom plain.

These tile trends might help you design a bathroom that is not only practical but also aesthetically beautiful. Always keep in mind that the ideal bathroom tiles are those that reflect your individual style and satisfy your functional requirements.

As we come to a close with our discussion of bathroom tile trends, it’s critical to keep in mind that while trends can inform your decision-making, your own taste and the practical requirements of your house should ultimately prevail. You have a variety of options at your local tiles supplier in Sydney, whether you’re drawn to the classic allure of subway tiles, the distinctive patterns of geometric tiles, or the opulent feel of genuine stone.


Bathroom remodeling may be a difficult process, but with the appropriate direction and a clear vision, it’s possible to turn your home into a private haven. The most recent bathroom tile trends come in a range of designs, from the simple to the grandiose, to suit every taste. You may make judgments that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come by analyzing your area, taking upkeep into account, matching your tiles with the décor, and contacting a specialist.

Always keep in mind that your bathroom reflects your unique taste. Never be hesitant to try out new tile orientations, combine different types of materials, or even play around with patterns. The idea is to design an environment that you like and feel at home in.

In Sydney, there are providers for both kitchen and bathroom tiles, so there is something for everyone. Why then wait? Plan your ideal bathroom right now!


What are the uses of tiles at home?

Tiles are adaptable and may be utilized throughout the house. They are frequently employed for flooring because of how long-lasting and simple to maintain they are. Tiles are also utilized for walls, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens where they are simple to clean and water-resistant. Tiles can also be utilized decoratively, such as in fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, or as accent pieces in different areas.

What is the use of tiles in a bathroom?

Bathroom tiles are used for both practical and aesthetically pleasing reasons. Functionally, they offer a surface that is resistant to water, which makes them perfect for moist places like the shower or the area around the sink. Tiles may significantly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. You may make a design that reflects your unique taste and home décor because they are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

What is the trend in tiles?

Tile trends are constantly evolving. Currently, large format tiles, geometric patterns, and natural stone tiles are popular. Large format tiles create a seamless, modern look with fewer grout lines. Geometric tiles offer a unique and contemporary aesthetic, while natural stone tiles add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Additionally, mixing and matching different tile orientations for a modern look is also trending.

How many different tiles should you use in a bathroom?

Depending on your preferred style, you should employ a variety of tiles in a bathroom. A decent rule of thumb is to just utilize three distinct types of tiles. The usual arrangement is to use one tile for the floor, another for the wall, and a third for accents. This strategy promotes innovation while maintaining a unified appearance. Always keep in mind that a harmonic and balanced design is the desired outcome.

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