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  • Andes Almond $64.00$66.00

    Discover a new dimension of elegance with Andes Almond. Immerse in Matt or Grip finishes, harmonizing colors, durable material, and versatile rectangular shapes in 300×300, 300×600, and 600×600 dimensions. Redefine your space effortlessly.

  • Andes Charcoal $64.00$66.00

    Elevate your space with our Andes Charcoal tile, offering a stunning Matt or Grip finish. The perfect combination of form and function, available in versatile dimensions of 300×300, 300×600, and 600×600, this rectangular tile effortlessly enhances any area, indoors or out. Discover timeless style and quality in every tile

  • Andes Grey $64.00$66.00

    Elegantly designed, Andes Grey tiles offer a choice of matte or grip finish. Their versatile dimensions and timeless rectangular shape create seamless design possibilities, effortlessly enhancing your space’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Andes Warm White $64.00$78.00

    Captivating warmth and versatility meet in these Andes Warm White rectangular tiles. Choose grip or matt finish, ideal for both safety and style. Crafted with top-quality materials, available in multiple dimensions. Redefine elegance in your spaces.

  • Arctic Ice $109.00

    Elevate your space with our Arctic Ice honed Marble tiles, offering a pristine white color and a smooth finish for a luxurious feel. These rectangular tiles, measuring 305 x 610 x 12, are perfect for various applications, bringing timeless elegance to your interiors and a seamless flow to indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Augustus Grey $138.00

    Transform your space with Augustus Grey honed marble tiles in a stylish grey shade. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these rectangular tiles with dimensions of 300 x 600 x 15 bring a touch of luxury to any setting.

  • Augustus Ivory $119.00

    These Augustus Ivory rectangular tiles, with dimensions of 305 x 610 x 13, are honed to perfection, giving them a smooth and refined finish. Crafted from premium marble, they exude luxury and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for adding a touch of opulence to any setting.

  • Avenue Beige $72.00

    Create timeless allure with our Avenue Beige tile. Its matt finish, neutral hue, and 300×800 dimensions transform your space with elegance and durability. Rectangular in shape, it’s a versatile choice for various designs.

  • Avenue Beige Chevron $72.00

    Sleek and modern, the Avenue Beige Chevron Tiles by Ontile is a  300x800mm rectangular tile with a versatile matt finish are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas.

  • Avenue Chevron Mixed $72.00

    Create stunning spaces with Ontile’s  Avenue Chevron Mixed tiles. Enjoy the timeless charm of a matt finish on these 300*800 rectangular tiles, perfect for various applications.

  • Avenue Grey $72.00

    Refined matte finish, stylish Avenue Grey tiles in 300×800 dimensions exude contemporary elegance for your walls and floors, transforming spaces with a touch of modern sophistication.

  • Avenue Grey Chevron $72.00

    Unveil the allure of modern design with Avenue Grey Chevron tiles – featuring an elegant matt finish, captivating chevron pattern, and a versatile 300×800 rectangular shape. Redefine your spaces effortlessly.

  • Avenue Steel $72.00

    Capture modern elegance with Avenue Steel Tiles by Ontile, a matte-finished, rectangular tile (300×800). Its steel hue blends versatility with sophistication, offering timeless style for walls and floors.

  • Avenue White $72.00

    Elevate your space with Avenue White  versatile 300 * 800 matt-finished rectangular tile, expertly crafted to bring sophistication and durability to your interiors. 

  • Avenue White Chevron $72.00

    Elegant matt-finished Avenue White Chevron Porcelain tiles measuring 300x800mm, showcasing a classic chevron pattern for sophisticated interior design.

  • Blue Moon Honed $138.00$160.00
    Sleek exfoliated Granite Blue Moon Honed rectangular tiles, available in various dimensions, offer sophistication and durability for elevating your spaces.
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