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  • Havana Beige $88.00$90.00

    Experience timeless elegance with our Havana Beige grip porcelain tile. Measuring 1210 x 200 x 10, this rectangular tile offers a durable and slip-resistant surface for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Havana Ciliego $88.00$90.00

    Discover elegance and safety with our Havana Ciliego porcelain tile. Its grip finish, soothing ciliego color, and generous 1210 x 200 x 10 dimension make it perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Crafted from premium porcelain, this rectangular tile enhances your space with grace and style.

  • Havana Grigio $88.00$90.00

    Elevate your space with the cool grey Havana Grigio porcelain tile. Its rectangular shape, 1210 x 200 x 10, and grip finish make it safe and versatile for any project. Crafted with attention to detail, this Australian-made tile promises durability and timeless appeal.

  • Iconic Almond $104.00

    Elevate your spaces with these Almond porcelain tiles. Their 1200 x 200 x 10 dimensions, rectangular shape, and Grip or Natural finish cater to diverse applications. The warm almond color adds charm while ensuring slip resistance outdoors. A timeless choice for elegant interiors and enduring designs.

  • Iconic Maple $104.00

    Versatile and elegant, this Iconic Maple Porcelain tile in Grip and Natural finishes offers durability and style. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 1200 x 200 x 10.

  • Iconic Oak $104.00

    Contemporary elegance meets durability with our Iconic Oak porcelain tile. Available in Grip or Matt finishes, this rectangular tile (1200 x 200 x 10) adds sophistication to any space, indoors or outdoors.

  • Kane Ecru $84.00

    Elevate your spaces with our Kane Ecru Grip Porcelain Tile. Its rectangular shape and soft ecru color offer elegance and versatility. Perfect for indoor and outdoor areas, this 1180 x 180 x 10 tile ensures a seamless look for any style.

  • Kane Mud $84.00

    Elevate your space with the timeless charm of our rectangular Kane Mud  porcelain tile featuring grip and natural finishes, ideal for indoor and outdoor use – Dimensions: 1180 x 180 x 10.

  • Kane Sand $84.00

    Elevate your spaces with the timeless elegance of Natural-finished, porcelain Kane Sand tiles in 1180 x 180 x 10 rectangular shape

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Timber Look Tiles Sydney

Timber look tiles have soared in popularity, offering homeowners a fresh take on traditional wooden floors. From their beautiful aesthetics to ease of maintenance, these tiles bring the natural beauty of timber into your home with no upkeep associated with real wood. Let’s delve into the world of timber look tiles and why they’re the flooring option of choice for many.

The Allure of Timber Flooring

For centuries, timber has been a preferred material for flooring. Natural timber exudes warmth and charm, with its intricate grain patterns and colour variances enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room. However, genuine timber flooring has its drawbacks – it can be expensive to install, requires regular varnishing and upkeep, and is susceptible to moisture and heat damage.

Discovering Timber Look Tiles

Enter timber look tiles, an innovative solution that combines the rustic beauty of timber with the durability of tiles. These tiles, made from porcelain or ceramic, mimic the look of natural wood, complete with authentic grain patterns and colours. So convincing are these timber show tiles, they often have guests bending down to touch them, unsure whether they’re walking on ceramic, porcelain tiles, or actual wooden floors.

Benefits of Choosing Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles are a low maintenance and durable tile option, ideal for households seeking the wooden aesthetic without the upkeep of stone throughout the house. They are resistant to moisture and heat, perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and require only warm water and mild detergent for cleaning.

Porcelain Timber Tiles Are A Popular Choice

Among the range of timber look porcelain tiles, porcelain timber tiles stand out for their exceptional durability and low porous nature. Unlike natural wood, these ceramic tiles are sealed to prevent moisture absorption, making them suitable for spaces with high humidity. Their resistance to wear and tear also ensures they maintain their beauty for years, even in high-traffic areas.

Exploring the Extensive Range of Timber Look Tiles

The world of timber look tiles is rich and varied, offering an extensive range of options to cater to all styles and tastes. When choosing timber look tiles, you’re not only deciding on a type of flooring but also selecting a unique piece of art that will define your space.

There are several aspects to consider when exploring the wide range of timber look tiles. The first is the colour palette, which spans from light, sandy hues that evoke a coastal, contemporary feel to darker, rich tones that bring to life a classic, rustic aesthetic. The beauty of this diversity of colours most timbers look tiles lies in their adaptability; whether you’re seeking to create a warm, cosy environment or a bright, modern space, there’s a timber look tile that matches your vision.

The patterns on timber look tiles also add to their appeal, imitating the natural grain of different wood species. From the straight grain of oak to the swirling patterns of mahogany, these tiles capture the intricate details that make wood such as trees such a beloved material.

Another important aspect is the texture of the tiles. Some are smooth, replicating the look of polished, varnished wood, while others have a more rugged feel, mimicking the raw, natural state of timber. This variety of textures adds another layer of authenticity to these tiles, allowing you to choose between a polished, refined wood look or a more natural, rustic style.

Finally, there’s the question of tile size and format. Timber look tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including planks that replicate the look of hardwood floors and squares that create a parquet effect on walls. There are also large-format tiles that give a room a more spacious feel, as well as smaller tiles that add a sense of warmth and coziness.

With such a comprehensive range, selecting your ideal timber look flooring tiles becomes a delightful journey of discovery, allowing you to craft a space that truly reflects your style and personality. With the added benefits of durability, low maintenance, and easy cleaning, timber look floors and tiles are more than just a flooring option; they’re a smart and stylish investment for your home.

Buying Timber Look Tiles Online

We offer a range of timber-look tiles online, allowing you to browse and select the perfect timber floor tiles from the comfort of your own home. With prompt delivery options and online support available, you will never regret buying your chosen timber- tiles from us.

The Installation of Timber Look Tiles

Installing timber look tiles is a task that requires skill and precision to ensure they’re laid correctly and maintain their longevity. Professional tile installers can provide this service, ensuring each tile is perfectly aligned to create the best finish.

Maintaining Your Timber Look Tiles

Once installed, maintaining your natural timber look tiles is a breeze. Unlike natural wood, these tiles do not need varnishing or special treatments. Regular cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent is all that’s required to keep them looking their best.

Applications of Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles are a versatile flooring solution that fits seamlessly into various spaces and uses. Whether you are seeking a stylish update for your home or designing a commercial space, these wood look tiles offer a beautiful and practical solution. Here are some of the most common applications of timber look tiles:

Residential Use

Living Areas

Timber look tiles can transform living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms into warm, inviting spaces. They provide the cosy appeal of a wooden floor while offering the durability needed for areas with high foot traffic.


Resistant to moisture and easy to clean, these tiles are ideal for kitchens. They stand up well to spills and splatters, offering a stylish yet practical solution for this busy part of the home.


Unlike tiles of timber or real wood, timber look tiles handle humidity and water exposure well, making them a smart choice for bathrooms. They add an organic, spa-like feel to the space.

Outdoor Areas

Some types of timber look tiles are suitable for outdoor use, including patios and pool surrounds. They add a natural aesthetic quality while being resistant to weather conditions.

Commercial Use

Restaurants and Cafés

Timber look tiles can add a rustic or sophisticated vibe to eateries. They’re easy to clean – an essential feature in these high-traffic, spill-prone areas.

Retail Stores

In a retail storefront environment, timber look tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic while providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


For offices, these tiles offer a unique way to create a comfortable yet professional environment. They are easy to maintain, making them ideal for busy workplaces.

Hotels and Resorts

In the hospitality industry, timber look tiles can bring a sense of warmth and luxury to guest rooms, lobbies, and spa areas.


Transforming your house into a home involves creating an environment that reflects your personal style and taste. Timber look tiles offer an ideal blend of beauty, durability, and low maintenance, making them a durable and superior tile choice for any modern home.


Are timber look tiles suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, timber looks floor tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms, thanks to their resistance to moisture and easy cleaning.

What is the difference between wood look tiles and timber look tiles?

They are the same. The terms are often used interchangeably to describe tiles that mimic the appearance of natural wood.

Do timber look tiles need special cleaning products?

No, timber look tiles are low maintenance and can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.

Can I install timber look tiles myself?

While it’s possible to install tiles yourself, we recommend using a professional installer to ensure the best results and longevity of your tiles.

Where can I buy timber look tiles online?

You can buy a range of high-quality timber look tiles from our online store. Our team is on hand to assist you with any questions you may have during your buying process.

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