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Pool Tiles In Gold Coast

Transform the way you enjoy your pool on the Gold Coast with stunning pool tiles that redefine both style and functionality. From enriching aesthetics to enhancing practicality, the right choice of tiles can breathe life into your aquatic haven.

Discover Your Perfect Pool Tile

Choosing the ideal pool tiles involves considering various factors. There are three primary types to explore: ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

Ceramic Tiles: A popular and affordable choice, ceramic tiles offer a diverse range of patterns and colors. Easy to install and maintain, they’re a budget-friendly option. However, exposure to harsh conditions might lead to fading, staining, or chipping over time.

Porcelain Tiles: For durability and resilience, porcelain tiles stand out. Their hardness and resistance to scratches and stains make them ideal for outdoor pools. While they offer a variety of styles, their installation costs might be slightly higher than ceramic tiles.

Glass Tiles: Infuse your pool with a touch of luxury using glass tiles. They not only resist algae but also create mesmerizing visual effects through light reflection and refraction. Mosaics and iridescent designs lend a dreamy shimmer to your pool. Nevertheless, their fragility demands professional handling during installation due to their slippery nature.

Maintenance Tips for Lasting Brilliance

Preserving the allure of your pool tiles requires regular care. Here are essential maintenance tips:

  • Water Chemistry: Regularly test the pool water’s acid and alkaline levels to prevent tile depletion and corrosion. Aim for a pH level of 7.4 and an alkalinity range of 80 to 120 parts per million (PPM).
  • Brushing: Weekly brushing with warm water or mild cleaning solutions keeps your tiles free from dirt, algae, and calcium deposits.
  • Pumice Stone: Use a pumice stone to gently remove light calcium deposits, but avoid using it on glass or porcelain tiles due to scratching risks.
  • Calcium Releaser: For heavy buildup, opt for a calcium releaser spray. Ensure safety measures like wearing gloves and eye protection while using this.
  • Water Pressure: Utilize gentle water pressure to remove dirt and buildup, but be cautious to avoid tile damage. Aim the water at an angle for an effective cleanup.


Remember, pool tiles not only serve a functional purpose but also add a touch of elegance to your oasis. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your property’s value or seeking a serene swimming experience, the right tiles make a difference. Select the suitable tile type, explore design ideas, and maintain your tiles regularly for a pool that remains inviting and dazzling over the years.

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