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Basalt Tiles

Basalt, often known as bluestone in Australia, is a  stone building material for residential and commercial construction. These tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor floor and wall applications. All-natural stone has color and textural variances, and colors may differ from the example provided.

Where Can One Use Basalt Tile at Home?

Basalt has long been the best building material for pavements around the world. Basalt tiles are useable for external courtyards and paths, pool wall cladding, and inside floors and walls. The choice and treatment of Basalt are critical to achieving a satisfactory result, with specific adhesives and sealers preferable to avoid discoloration or blemishes forming over time.


Paving Stone for Walkways and Gardens

Gardens and outdoor paths are vulnerable to environmental impacts as well as the effects of heavy traffic. As a result, the paving stones for the garden and walkways must be sturdy. Natural basalt can meet this need because it has top-notch wear resistance. They provide classic and timeless elegance to any décor. 

Used as Wall Stone

Stone with distinct beauty, beautiful and delicate color, and a striking natural style. As a result, The trusted stone line can be applicable for ornamentation. It will generate a distinct and unique beauty for the project.

Aside from its aesthetic splendor, the stone’s endurance ensures that the work’s quality is always sustainable. It would be inexpensive on warranty, maintenance, or replacement of wall stone.

Other Application

In addition to the numerous applications stated above, basalt can be applicable for sanitary products such as bathtubs, lavabos, and decorative things.

Advantages of Basalt Tiles

Basalt flooring is simple and natural. The different patterns of this tile deliver beautiful and dignified traits, yet the uniform texture of basalt is simple and functional. 

Basalt flooring is predominantly grey, black tiles, and other colors. Furthermore, basalt is combined with other stones to produce a unique and harmonious style.

Basalt floor tile is tough and long-lasting. Basalt is the best material for kitchen tiles due to its properties, including the high-temperature threshold and the cooling principle.

It is naturally sturdy, and the flooring tile is inexpensive.


Given the nature of basalt, these tiles are tough and long-lasting. Basalt tiles are not corrosive and ageless because of the high-temperature volcanic environment and the cooling concept.

Mechanical cleaning is required to keep the basalt tiling as fresh as new, although this surface is dust-free. As a result, hassle-free and unfrequent cleaning are there.

Basalt tiles are inexpensive, allowing one to make the room all-natural and long-lasting without breaking the bank.


Because basalt tiles are robust and long-lasting, they are simple to maintain and clean. It is naturally stable and possesses antimicrobial characteristics. Basalt is naturally stain-resistant, making it ideal for kitchen countertops with spills and accidents. If something does spill on the basalt tile floor,  wipe it up with a cloth. There’s no need for pricey cleaners or sophisticated cleaning methods here; ordinary water will suffice

Magna Basalt Honed

Magna Basalt Honed tile is a dark grey color palette that is uniform throughout, with minimal shade variance. This Basalt tile is long-lasting, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and indoor-outdoor flooring.

Magna Basalt Sandblasted

Magna Basalt Tile with Sandblasted finish is an excellent choice for any modern style. It has attractive and dignified characteristics, but the uniform texture of basalt is basic and functional. This Basalt tile is extremely long-lasting, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and indoor-outdoor flooring.

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