20 Ways to Use Old & Leftover Tiles DIY

Have you ever been stumped by what to do with a stack of outdated tiles? You have company. It would be a pity to see the remaining tiles from everyone’s different home improvement projects go to waste. But what if I told you that among those tiles is a treasure trove of inspiration? Tiles may be used in everything from bathroom renovations to mosaic artwork. This article will discuss many methods for recycling tiles, particularly those used in the kitchen and those with a concrete appearance.

Tiles Beyond the Bathroom: Where Else They Can Shine

The two rooms in the house most likely to have tiles are the kitchen and the bathroom. Tiles, on the other hand, have a wide range of potential applications. In this article, we’ll explore several unique settings where tiles may be used to great effect.

  • Garden walkways may also benefit from the use of tiles. Use old tiles to make a lovely walkway through your yard. Because of how well they fit in with their surroundings and how long they last, concrete appearance tiles are perfect for this use.
  • Decoration: Tiles aren’t only for the floor! Repurpose those old tiles into a beautiful mosaic for the wall. Tiles on the walls of the kitchen are a great way to personalize your cooking environment.
  • The tops of old tables may be revitalized by laying tiles on them. Tiles are a great material for kitchen and living room tables since they are long lasting and simple to maintain.
  • Tiles might be a great choice for a fireplace’s surround if you have one. This serves as a shield against fire and sparks, and improves the visual appeal.
  • You read it correctly; it’s a pet house. You may use tiles to make a warm and simple-to-clean area for your dogs. When weather resistance is a priority, such as in an outdoor pet housing, this is a great feature to have.

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Tiles! Here are 20 Amazing DIY Ideas to Reuse Them

You shouldn’t just throw away that old tilework just yet. DIY projects may be found all over the internet, ready to be discovered. Your old tiles may be used into everything from practical things to beautiful decorations. Twenty innovative uses for your tiles are explored, with a specific emphasis on kitchen tiles and concrete-style tiles.

  1. Use your little tiles as coasters! Reusing tiles in this manner is easy and may give your house a unique look. They are paintable, so you may customize their look to your liking.
  2. Use tiles to make one-of-a-kind image frames. You may show off your memories while helping the environment by using recycled materials. Using tiles that simulate concrete may give your partitions an industrial vibe.
  3. Flower vases: Adhere tiles on the outside of a boring plant pot to give it a fresh, colorful makeover. This may be a beautiful addition to your kitchen or living area, especially if the tiles are bright or patterned.
  4. If you have enough tiles lying around, you may want to install a new backsplash in your kitchen. Putting tiles to such good use in the kitchen may totally revamp the room.
  5. Make a mosaic tabletop by laying down tiles of various shapes, sizes, and colors. This may be a great weekend project that yields a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching piece of furniture that is sure to spark lively discussion.
  6. Mark your garden rows with tiles to keep track of where you planted each kind of fruit, vegetable, or flower. Use a permanent pen to label them.
  7. Larger tiles may function as trivets for placing hot dishes on. In addition to its practical value, this will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
  8. Frame a mirror with tiles to give it a more finished look. The bathroom or bedroom might benefit from a splash of color or new texture provided by this.
  9. Add tiles to the risers of your staircase if it is looking a little old and tired. When using patterned tiles, this impact is heightened.
  10. Tiles may be used to make a weatherproof and long-lasting outdoor table. Because of their durability and resistance to the weather, concrete-style tiles are ideal for this use.
  11. Hang a tile with few little hooks on it to keep your jewelry in order. You may now arrange your jewelry with a piece of art. When using patterned or ornate tiles, this is most noticeable.
  12. Make a beautiful serving tray by tiling the bottom of a wooden tray. Just by attaching some handles, you now have a unique serving tray that can be used for any occasion.
  13. Make your own wall clock by attaching a huge tile to the wall. Use smaller tiles or other materials for the numerals, and fasten the clock mechanism in the middle. This might be a creative way to improve your living space.
  14. Tile your home number and place it in a prominent location near the entrance. Increasing your home’s visual attractiveness in this manner is easy and inexpensive. Using tiles that mimic the appearance of concrete may help create a contemporary, minimalist atmosphere.
  15. Make a magnetic memo board by gluing metal to a ceramic tile and hanging it on the wall. You may use magnets to attach everything from images and messages to tiny cooking equipment. This is a fantastic use of tiles for use in kitchen storage.
  16. The tiles may be used as stepping stones in the garden. The combination of form and function makes this an excellent choice for sprucing up your outdoor area with color and design.
  17. Fronts of Drawers: Tiles may be attached to the fronts of drawers to give a dresser or chest of drawers a new look. The appearance of your furniture may be drastically altered in this way.
  18. Bookends: attach tiles to a wooden block using glue. This easy DIY will give your bookcase a whole new look.
  19. Tiles may serve as a sturdy foundation for candle holders. You may use this to spruce up your coffee table or mantle.
  20. Put hooks on a tile and hang it next to your front entrance to use as a key holder. You may put your keys somewhere fashionable and practical now. This is especially helpful if you have concrete appearance tiles, which provide a clean, contemporary look.

How Far Your Leftover Tiles Can Go

The possibilities for recycling old tiles are endless. No matter how many you have on hand, they may be put to any number of inventive and practical purposes. Your leftover tiles have many potential uses, from home decoration to functional purposes.

  • The good effect on sustainability is one of the greatest advantages of reusing tiles. Reusing items helps the environment by cutting down on trash.
  • Add a unique touch to your house by recycling existing tiles into new designs. Whether it’s a tile backsplash for the kitchen that you created or a work of art for the wall, the feeling of accomplishment is comparable.
  • DIY projects using discarded tiles may be quite cost-effective. Utilizing what you already have rather than purchasing new stuff is not only cost-effective but also gratifying.
  • DIY projects are a great way to hone your abilities and learn something new. You’re picking up skills as you go, whether it’s fundamental carpentry, painting, or even layout and design.
  • Last but not least, reusing tiles may dramatically boost your home’s curb appeal. The possibilities are almost unlimited, from multicolored tiles for a lively atmosphere to concrete-look tiles for a contemporary feel.


Don’t underestimate the potential of those old tiles gathering dust in your garage. As we’ve explored in this blog post, there are numerous ways to breathe new life into them. From functional uses like coasters and trivets to more ambitious projects like wall art and furniture, the possibilities are endless. So the next time you find yourself with leftover tiles, remember: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


What can I do with leftover tiles?

What exciting prospects! Don’t chuck those extra tiles just yet! Tile scraps may be used into stunning works of mosaic art. They may be used for a wide variety of DIY tasks around the house. Set them in a row as coasters, or if you’re feeling bold, make a garden table with a tile top! Don’t pass on these unheralded alternatives; they’re worth exploring.

How do you decorate old tiles?

It may not be as difficult as you think to give those old tiles a facelift. Here, stencils become invaluable. A fast coat of paint and some bright colors can make anything interesting. That’s just the beginning, however. Tile stickers are one option, or you may always re-grout the tiles to make them seem like new. You may also decorate them with decoupage using your own patterns! With just a little rearranging, your old tiles may become brand new discussion starters.

What are the uses of floor tiles?

The traditional function of floor tiles has expanded. While it’s true that they provide for a more comfortable walking experience, their usefulness extends much beyond that. They are excellent for preventing water damage behind sinks when used as backsplashes. If that seems too mundane, you could always mount them on the wall for some added texture or to make a focal point. If you really want to be creative, you may even use them as unique table tops. Simply put, ceramic tile flooring? The term “multi-purpose marvels” better describes these items.

Should I keep leftover tiles?

It goes against common sense, yet you really should! Tiles break, paint fades, and accidents occur; such is life. Having a few on hand can relieve stress in the event that you need to get replacements. In addition to their functional uses, these surplus tiles offer endless creative potential. Use them to create a colorful garden path or tile a planter for an outdoor haven. It’s like having a treasure chest full with useful things; you can’t lose.

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