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7 Best Tile Options for Your New Home

A home is a place where every corner reflects your personal style and ethos. The tile you choose for your home will lay the foundation for its personality, so it’s important to get it right. It’s not just about how good it looks, but also how well it functions and how long it’ll last. In the heart of Sydney, where style meets tradition, what many people want is a home that blends modernity with a classic vibe. This page outlines core considerations for tile selection, highlights materials suitable for different areas, and presents a curated list of seven exemplary tile options that harmonize contemporary and classic Australian home styles

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Tiles For Your New Home

Before you dive into the world of tile, you have to consider some key factors. If not, it could end up becoming an impulsive choice and a remorseful one too. These aspects ensure that you make a decision based on knowledge.

  • Durability: Tiles are a long-term investment. Opting for durable materials like granite tiles ensures a lasting finish that can take a beating.
  • Maintenance: The amount of effort you want to put in is up to you. Some tiles require more maintenance than others. For instance, limestone tiles may need regular sealing to prevent staining.
  • Cost: Depending on your price range, cost can be a big factor in your decision-making process.
  • Aesthetics: Your tile should complement your home’s look as much as they possibly can. Whether it’s the rustic charm of timber look tile or elegance of marble look tiles, it’s essential that they align with style.
  • Area of use: Not all tiles are suitable for every area in your home. Take your garage for example. It’s best to opt out for robust and resistant ones because they’ll face heavy loads while bathroom tiles should be water-resistant due to constant contact with water.
  • Local climate: Sydney is known for its dynamic climate. One moment it could be raining and the next scorching hot. Tiles that can handle these fluctuations and maintain their luster is key

Let’s delve deeper into understanding how different tile materials are suited for diverse areas of your home, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and style.

Different Tile Materials for Different Areas of Your Home

Tiles are known for their beauty, most likely because they can do anything. The materials used to make them are so versatile that each one brings a unique essence while also having a purpose. Here’s a guide on how to find the perfect tile material for different areas in your home.

  • Living Room: In this space, elegance and comfort come together. These marble look tiles are perfect for a luxurious touch that doesn’t sacrifice durability.
  • Kitchen: You can think of this place as our magical culinary station, so naturally, we need something easy to clean. In comes the granite tiles. Sleek and practical.
  • Bedrooms: Warm and natural are the words used to describe this room. We went with timber tiles here in Sydney because of how cozy and inviting it is.
  • Bathroom: You know how bathrooms are, they say less is more and this minimalist style is proof. Limestone tiles combine a natural look with resistance against water, and an easy-to-clean exterior.
  • Garage: The name of the game here is durability. It’s not uncommon to see heavy loads being put in garages. That’s why it was important for us to make sure these materials could withstand that without showing signs of distress.
  • Outdoor Area: Outdoor tiles should be robust and weather-resistant. Granite tiles are an excellent choice for outdoor spaces due to their durability and natural look.

The quest for the perfect tile does not end here. Up next, we have curated a list of seven best tile options that are not just visually appealing but are also in sync with the functional demands of a modern Australian home.

7 Best Tile Options for Your New Home

The process of selecting a tile can be like finding out who you really are. Every tile carries with it a story, they all have a unique taste that can change the vibe of a space. Below are seven exceptional tile options aligned with Australian architectural styles, each promising enduring appeal for years to come.

  1. Marble Look Tiles: These tiles are just like the real thing. The timeless elegance of marble has been mimicked to add a touch of beauty to any room they’re put in. They’re a perfect fit for living rooms and entryways where you want to set the tone for sophistication.
  2. Timber Look Tile in Sydney: Imagine walking into your bedroom and being greeted by an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. There’s no need to imagine; simply opt for timber look tiles. Wood’s natural charm is captured here to bring that inviting feeling to life.
  3. Limestone Tiles Sydney: Known for its smooth, earthy look. Limestone tiles are great for bathrooms and outdoor spaces. Not only do they bring a fresh aesthetic but the textured surface provides grip. So you don’t have to worry about slipping as much.
  4. Granite Tiles: These are synonymous with durability and strength. Granite tiles will never let you down whenever you need something tough. Kitchens, outdoor areas, garages, wherever there’s high resistance wear and tear is crucial.
  5. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are a classic choice since they’re versatile and cost-effective compared to others on this list. There isn’t a style that doesn’t complement them— they are truly versatile! It’s suitable for virtually any room and that’s why it’s so popular among homeowners.
  6. Porcelain Tiles: Those with history already know porcelain is strong and can handle moisture like a champ — especially in the bathroom or laundry room. These tiles also excel outdoors due to these features, and their low maintenance is an added advantage.
  7. Terracotta Tiles: Rustic charm is what terracotta tiles offer if you’re aiming for something traditional or cottage-style then this fits right in line with your vision! People usually place them in outdoor areas like backyards or even kitchens if that appeals more.


The journey of turning a house into a home can be as fun as it is challenging. But what if I told you the type of tile you pick has a story to tell? Imagine all those stories coming together to make yours. The list above is exactly that, a guide to help you choose the perfect tile that resonates with the architectural spirit of Sydney. Making your home an elegant, comforting and functional place to be in.


What is the best tile for a residential house?

When selecting a tile for your home, you need to consider three things: how it looks, how often it needs maintenance, and if it’s durable or not. Most people agree that there are three common tiles used in houses: ceramic, porcelain, and marble. Each one has its own look and benefits.

Which type of tiles is best for home in Australia?

In Australia, the durability and moisture resistance of a tile are prioritized over its appearance. That’s why many people use granite tiles and porcelain tiles. The natural warmness of timber look tiles also make them popular for Australian homes.

Which tile is more durable?

There are two types of tile that reign over durability: granite tiles and porcelain tiles. These two are known for their resistance to wear and tear which makes them perfect for areas with high traffic as well as places where spills and moisture happen often.

What is the strongest tile for floors?

If the goal is to have strong floors, then you should go with porcelain tiles. They’re dense and hard which lets them take on scratches like they’re nothing. Coming up right behind them is granite which is known for being robust.

Which tile is best for living room floor?

When it comes to the living room floor there are two main things to consider: luxury or cozy? Marble look tiles give a luxurious feel while timber look tilts give a warm ambiance. Both being great options depending on what vibe you want in your living room.

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