How to Choose the Right Terracotta Tiles for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Terracotta Tiles for Your Home

For ages, terracotta tiles have been a mainstay in interior design. Their rustic appeal and warm, earthy tones have the ability to turn any area into a comfortable retreat. Where the fusion of natural and urban elements is ever-present, particularly in Sydney, terracotta tiles have become a staple in many residences. You’re in for a treat if you’re thinking of using these tiles in your Sydney house. This book will explain the many grades of terracotta tiles, show you how to choose the right one for your house, and provide stylistic advice from leading interior designers. Let’s get going!

The different types of grades of Terracotta Tiles

The Italian word for “baked earth” is terracotta, and it’s as useful as it is beautiful. All terracotta tiles, however, are not made equally. Making an educated choice might be aided by your understanding of the various grades.

  • When it comes to terracotta tiles, natural is the most basic kind. They seem raw and earthy since they are not glazed. Ideal for those who like a natural, rustic style. Because of their porosity, these tiles may need to be sealed, particularly in damp regions.
  • Glazed Terracotta: Coated with a liquid glass coating, glazed terracotta tiles have a glossier appearance. They seem more polished as a result, and they also become less porous and stain-resistant. Many Sydney-based tiles providers adore them.
  • Handmade Terracotta: Due to the handcrafted nature of these tiles, no two are same. Their tiny color and texture variances give them a handcrafted touch. Handmade terracotta tiles are the best option if you’re seeking for tiles with a narrative.
  • Reclaimed Terracotta: Reclaimed terracotta tiles are a great option for environmentally aware homeowners. After being cleaned and recovered from historic structures, they are put to new uses. They are ideal for creating a vintage appearance and bring a bit of history with them.
  • High-fired Terracotta: Due to a greater baking temperature, these tiles have less porosity and are denser. They are more suited for high-traffic areas of the house and are more resilient.

How to Pick the Perfect Terracotta Tiles for Your Home

Selecting the ideal terracotta tiles involves more considerations than simply appearance. Here are some tips to make sure you choose the ideal tiles for your area:

  • Recognize Your Space: Examine the area where the tiles will be placed before visiting a Sydney supplier of terracotta tiles. Is it an outside patio or an inside space? Higher-fired terracotta tiles, which are denser, may be necessary in high-traffic areas.
  • Budget Sensibly: The cost of terracotta tiles varies. Natural terracotta may be more reasonably priced than handcrafted and recycled tiles. Make a budget and follow it.
  • Examine Before Purchasing: Continually request samples. After placing them where you want them, watch them throughout the day. This can help you get a sense of how they will appear in different lighting settings.
  • Matters of Maintenance: Certain terracotta tiles need more maintenance than others. Choose glazed or high-fired tiles if you don’t want to do frequent upkeep.
  • Speak with Specialists: Consult a tiles supplier in Sydney if you’re uncertain. They can offer you advice on what would be most appropriate for your area as well as the newest trends.

How to Style Your Home with Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are a fashion statement as well as a flooring alternative. Warm colors and classic style allow them to be the focal point of any space. How to maximize them is as follows:

  • Accept the Coziness: The warmth of terracotta tiles is inherent. Warm-toned furniture, such as brass fixtures, beige upholstery, or wooden furniture, will go well with them. This produces a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere that is ideal for unwinding.
  • In contrast to warm colors, terracotta looks great when combined with cold colors. Consider using cool blue or green walls with your terracotta flooring. The contrast may be visually arresting and gives your room depth.
  • Go Bohemian: A boho-chic design looks great with terracotta tiles. Add accents such as colorful linens, rattan furniture, and macramé. You’ve got a bohemian paradise if you add some indoor plants.
  • The minimalist method: Unbelievably, terracotta may work well in a minimalistic scheme. Select furniture with straight, uncomplicated lines. Make the tiles the main attraction. The idea is to showcase the tiles with minimal ornamentation.
  • Rugs and runners: Although terracotta tiles are stunning on their own, you may accentuate their beauty by placing rugs and runners thoughtfully. In addition to adding another layer of texture, this makes the floor more comfortable to walk on.
  • Use thoughtful accessories: Consider terracotta tiles as a blank canvas. Your choice of accessories will either accentuate or detract from their attractiveness. Select natural and earthy accessories. Wooden bowls, woven baskets, and ceramic vases may all accentuate terracotta’s rustic appeal.
  • Lighting Is Important Your terracotta tiles may sparkle with the correct illumination. To bring out the inherent warmth of the tiles, use warm lighting. Candles, pendant lights, and floor lamps may all provide a mystical atmosphere.


Natural beauty is exemplified by terracotta tiles. Their robustness and rustic appeal make them a popular choice for homes, particularly in Sydney. Terracotta tiles may blend in well with any style, whether it’s boho, rustic, or minimalist. Remember to choose the appropriate grade, give careful attention to your room, and determine your style. Making the appropriate decisions may turn your house into a cozy, welcoming area that embraces the enduring beauty of terracotta. Additionally, if you’re searching for the ideal tiles, don’t forget to speak with a respectable Sydney tile supplier. One tile away from becoming your ideal house!


What colour go best with terracotta tiles?

Terracotta tiles have warm, earthy tones by nature. Neutral hues like beige, white, and taupe go well with them. Conversely, cool tones like grey, green, and blue may provide a striking contrast. In addition, terracotta complements natural wood tones and brass or bronze accents well.

What is the quality of terracotta tiles?

The durability and longevity of terracotta tiles are well known. Since they are made from natural clay and baked to perfection, their surface is very durable. When bought from reputable suppliers, they provide excellent value for both indoor and outdoor uses, while their quality may vary based on factors like craftsmanship and firing temperature.

What are terracotta tiles suitable for?

Terracotta tiles may be used in many different contexts because of their adaptability. They are ideal for flooring in living rooms, kitchens, patios, and hallways because to their durability. They may also be applied to walls, backsplashes, and roofs. Their natural insulating properties make them a popular choice in both warm and cold climates.

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